New Beginnings

So here it is! My new online shop 🍍

I’m so excited to announce this! I have been making my scrubs, candles, and mason jars for a few months now and have never thought It would take me there. I have found this amazing hobby that I get to share with family and friends and now thanks to the amazing people who love what I do, I get to share it with everyone else.

I started making my scrubs because as a mum, it is quite hard to deal with the changes your body goes through after having kids. I tried a few different types of moisturisers, scrubs and oils and some had a nice affect whilst others where drying my skin out. I never really looked into the bigger picture of what I was using on my body every day but I guess once you have children you start to have a bit more concern to the things your family uses for themselves.

My youngest appeared in a rash on day and as your motherly instincts kick in, you want to know who is the cause of it and how to eliminate the issue lol
I started reading through everything I used on his skin. I even went to the extreme of watching everything he ate and drank. I stop using my laundry detergent, baby massage oils and shower wash. My son ended up being just a water baby…

I read through another mummy blog one day the benefits of making your own organic scrubs, oils, body lotions and thought I would give it a go. I feel in love with the first organic baby lotion I made. My child had no rash and his skin was glowing. I was ecstatic ! I thought I might try this out on my own skin and fingers crossed would reap the benifits.
I decided to try a coffee scrub for cellulite. I do kick myself now for not taking photos to show you all but my cellulite colour changed from light red to know almost clear. ( In my later blogs I will put up pictures of people who have used my scrubs and hopefully you can get a clear idea)
I have honestly never gone back! I decided not to make any more baby lotion for any other children though but I decided to do my research into these scrubs and find out everything I know to make them worth while for my skin and yours.

I can not wait for this new venture to take place and I’m hoping you will all enjoy my gifts just as much as
my friends, family and I have. ❤️


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